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This is the Havoc/Hawkeye community founded by ceasefire and kawree, and is for people who enjoy these two as either friends or as a romantic couple. This is an open group, and you can post anything related to Havocai but please read the rules first.


1. NO WANK EVER OF ANY SORT. I mean it. People who start wank will be immediately banned.
2. Please cut any spoilers (recent manga chapters, end of series, movie et cetera), large rants, posts and images.
3. Respect is a must in this community. You may not agree with people's opinions, you do not have to. You DO have to at least respect them. Sometimes you will have to just agree to disagree and get on with your lives... or be iced if you carry it on.
4. Mod rhymes with God. We have last say in everything. If you feel you have been offended or defaced in any way, please make us alert ASAP with a link to the post/comment thread. Do not respond to said comments/thread. Instead, contact us and we'll take care of it. That way you are protected and are not accused of participating in wank.
5. Concrit is encouraged. Outright flaming is a no-no.
6. This is a Havocai community; likewise, the posts must be related to Jean, or Riza, or both.
7. The fiction/art you post MUST be tagged with proper warnings for rating, content et cetera. NO EXCEPTIONS.
8. Please make us aware if there is another pairing in your fanfic. People being fans of Havocai does not mean they are automatically fans of any other pairing in your fic.
9. Please stay on-topic. Do not join to advertize your own community.
10. Do not steal the work of others! Ask then if you can rec the pic or fic before you link it or post it.

With that, shall we start? :D

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Please email any complaints/suggestions to ceasefire at teruchan@gmail.com, or contact her on AIM at Galux Kitty

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